Shares in renting apartments in Kiev.

You can rent an apartment today at a discount of up to 50%!

Promotional price of the apartment listed in the green box, next to the photograph of the apartment, it means the cost of apartments for rent tonight when renting an apartment today. If you want a flat with last night, so the first day are at special value, and further in value, which corresponds to the period of the lease.

Check with the manager of apartments in the presence of promo today.

Terms of the promotional value of the apartment for rent at today:

You need an apartment today, or today's date.
You've come to after a 16-00
You tell the manager about what you want to promotional costs
You tell what kind of apartment you need or what your budget
You take away the key yourself up to 19-30 in the office of RentKiev
You own hand over the key duty or a maid
You free up the apartment next 11-00 days.
A simple example, rent an apartment in the city center with Jacuzzi number 213 on the day you can for 110u.e. But if you take it for rent on the share price of rent will be such as shown in the green box.

Apartment with Jacuzzi number 213 was handed over yesterday for $ 400 USD. Although its normal value by more than two times higher.
The action involves a partnership - you're going to meet us, we're going to meet you.

With regular treatment of agency action may be even more favorable conditions.