Matters arising from the lease of apartments in Kiev:

Read the rules of reservation and rental apartments.

What's the value specified with the notation "price today," and why do you offer apartments that cost more expensive than what is shown?

- The cost of "Today's Rate" is indicated for those who rent an apartment for tonight. This value takes effect in the presence of free apartments after 16:00 and acts on the first night (today). The next period will be flat to give a standard of value, depending on the term of the lease. More information about the terms of the action you can read on the page to share apartment

What guarantees that when he returned, I did not kiss lock the apartment you rent me rent?

- 100% guarantee at booking and 90% in the oral preliminary agreement to lease an apartment. You go to a completely legitimate company that since 1992, is engaged in real estate transactions. We respect your opinion and appreciate your feedback. And as we honor his reputation.

How do I book an apartment for rent?

- To reserve a specific apartment for rent you have to choose an apartment bronirovochnuyu fill the form at the selected apartment, send a request received in the confirmation you will be described in the scheme of booking. Apartment is considered booked only after receiving our money.

You can not book an apartment for rent 1.2 days? What if I need an apartment in this period?

 - Yes, indeed. We accept reservations paid for the apartment only if the lease duration of 3 nights.
You can either book an apartment for 1-2 days, while paying for 3 days (without refund), or contact us on the day of the lease. In this case, you will be offered apartments, vacant at the time of your treatment.
It should also pay attention to that day when renting an apartment with a 13-00 start and end at 12-00. If you want to call early or leave later, you will need to doplachivat.Tak Also note that the apartment daily rent for rent at special price.

What is the process of invasion into the apartment that I rented apartments?

- If you have booked a transfer, then the driver will meet you at the airport with a sign "Rent Kiev" and drive to the apartment. He has the keys, and a minimal package of documents necessary for registration of the lease. He has the authority to receive payment. Full package of payments for accounts you can get in our office or later they will be delivered to you. If you did not order a transfer, you go in Kiev or in our office or directly at the apartment that you booked. Address of the apartment you will be given after booking. In the apartment you will be expected of our staff, who will give you the keys, checks, and necessary information on placement. Payment for accommodation when you are getting the keys to the apartment for the entire rental period, according to booking the apartment.

Can I pay by VISA or Master Card?

 - Yes, by VISA or Master Card you can pay not only the hotel but apartments and accommodation. The office is terminal. In case of payment through the terminal amount is converted to non-cash rate.

On what kind of car you meet us at the airport? Is a minivan?

 - At the airport you are met by a professional driver in a car Skoda Octavia, Chevrolet Aveo. If you need a minibus - stipulate it beforehand. You will be met at the Mercedes Vito van with air conditioning and DVD.Stoimost shuttle bus is more expensive.

Do I have to pay additional fees the agency when renting apartments?

- No, we are working with their apartments and between us and you do not have a third party. Because no additional fees to make payments is not necessary.

Are there any apartments online?

- In apartments have WiFi high speed unlimited internet, which does not require any additional fees. This service is provided by the Kiev cable company and we can not guarantee 100% quality of service. In case of problems with the internet you can call the company that provides the service.

How do I make a call from an apartment that I rented apartment in another city?

- In apartments off any access to international and long distance calls. You can not call a cell phone through 0. For you can call from anywhere in the world without restriction. Phones are not available in all apartments

What you need to pay other than the rental value?

-Look at the list that is included in the rent an apartment.

If I need a bed for a child?

- Special beds for the children we do not have, but we can provide a small rollaway beds for extra sleeping space a child or adult. Stipulate this nuance to the administrator.

What documents do you give a proof of payment of rent an apartment?

- You are given credit cash order, a copy of our certificate of registration, a copy of the taxpayer. If necessary, the lease is made flat. Documents issued by the office.

I arrive in 6-00 am, what can I do?

- The time of introduction in the flat 13-00. For accommodation in an apartment in the early morning you will have to pay the previous day's stay in the apartment. Since the apartment will be from 12-00 the previous day without a lease. If you arrive after 9:00 you can leave your luggage in the office and wait 13-00. If the apartment is on the eve of free, we are happy to place you there early in the morning at no extra cost. But as you know, in this case guarantees we can not give.

Broadcast on a TV program in English?

- Yes, almost all of our apartments are connected with satellite or cable TV with English, French, German, Polish, Chinese channels.

Are you doing for the embassy confirmed booking?

- We can send you a confirmation of apartments in Kiev, but this paper does not give the right to obtain a visa, although it may contribute. For an official invitation you need to contact the travel agency that has a license to issue a formal invitation.

What kind of guarantee that with my stuff in the apartment did not happen?

- In apartments every 2-3 months change the core of the master locks. Some apartments have a safe. Maids who clean your apartment - it's proven people working with us for years. Responsibility for the left in the apartment of the things we do not accept.

I want to rent an apartment for 10 days, what discount you can do to me?

- Depending on the length of rental, the cost of rent varies daily. The cost of rent specified page flats. When renting a "today" Promotion valid value, it means that the cost of rent an apartment for rent at today's special today. It is indicated in the green box. Discount is negotiated with the administrator in advance. After arriving at the apartment price not negotiable.

I am a mediator and would like to settle in your apartment, can I count on the commission?

- Yes, we support the collaboration with intermediaries. Call us (+380677831140) or write a letter in the case of the real part of your clients' placements in our apartments you get a certain price advantages.