The procedure for settling in an apartment

Settling into the apartment

As you understand, all the apartments we offer for rent are located in the center of Kiev, but not in the same house and sometimes in different blocks, therefore, the settlement of apartments for rent in Kiev is more complicated than when renting a hotel room.

Standard check-in conditions from 9:00 to 19:00

In this period of time we try to meet our guests in the apartment.

Rarely, but still it happens you can be asked to pick up the keys to the apartment in our office, which is located at the intersection of  Khreshchatyk  st. and Blvd. Taras Shevchenko (Bessarabskaya Square), when you receive the keys you have to pay the rent for the entire period, unless you have agreed with the manager about the other way. If it is more convenient for you to pick up keys in the office, you can immediately inform the manager about it.

If you want to rent an apartment in Kiev, I would recommend you to book a transfer from the airport or from the station. And not only because you can quickly get to the apartment.

The fact is that sometimes technically we do not have time to check in all the guests personally  in the apartment. And then we ask you to pick up the keys in the office or wait for a while. To avoid such situation is very convenient to use service of our driver. The cost of the transfer service you can see on the page transfers.

We understand that paying the rent of the apartment the guest wants to see what he pays for and therefore, whenever possible, we try to settle the guests while waiting for them in the apartment, but if this is not possible and you were asked to pick up the keys in the office or wait for a while, I ask you to take this with understanding .

When you receive the keys, read the apartments complete set and  quality  of service. Please immediately make a claim for quality or cleanliness. If within 1 hour after receiving the keys to claims are not announced, we consider that the apartment suits you and you have rented an apartment without any claims.

Check-in after 19:00 and before 9:00 (not standard)

1. When ordering a transfer, the driver takes you directly to the apartment! This is a very convenient and fast way to check in in non working hours. You can book a transfer at the time of booking. The cost of this service can be found on the page transfers.

2. Check-in to the apartment after 19:00 and until 9:00 at the apartment is also possible, but for extra payment. The cost of the service depends on the time of your arrival. Waiting for you at the apartment address is paid in the amount of 100-150 UAH. (Specify at the time of booking).

3. You can also pick up the keys to the apartment from the duty officer on Bessarabskaya Square (the center of Kiev), there you can also pay and, get a contract and a check. Documents for financial reporting on renting an apartment in Kiev, unfortunately, at night, the duty officer will not be able to give  you. You can pick up documents  in the morning in the office or our employees will bring them to you during your stay in the apartment that you have rented.

I note that in any of these options, you will need to pay the full cost of renting an apartment, if for some reason you can not do it, tell the manager in advance, otherwise the person on duty will simply not give you the key to the apartment, which you have already booked.