Cleaning of apartments 

Cleaning of apartments

We try to devote a lot of time and energy to the quality of cleaning and cleanliness in the apartments that you rent.

The fact is that our apartments for daily rent are located in the central part of Kiev, but not in one house, which significantly complicates the opportunities for quality clearing and monitoring of its implementation.

Bedding and towels in apartments for daily rent are mostly washed away centrally in the laundry. This ensures the cleanliness and sterility of the laundry, which is extremely important when renting an apartment in Kiev.

Each time after the departure of our guests, the apartment for rent is cleaned by maids, the sanitary ware, household appliances, dishes are washed out. Bed linen and towels are changed without fail, even if the guests did not spend the night in the apartment.

When cleaning an apartment for daily rent, chemical means are used, which allow professional and high-quality cleaning. If you are allergic to any household cleaners, inform the manager, we will mean this info when cleaning.

The cost of a daily rent of the apartment includes cleaning with the replacement of bedding and towels every 3 days. The guests have the right to choose the time and date of cleaning according to the working schedule of the cleaning staff.

The tenant can order additional, more frequent cleaning or replacement of bedding in the apartment that he rents, such cleaning is paid additionally. The cost of cleaning depends on the size and level of the apartment.

Sometimes guests are worried about the safety of personal belongings or valuables, which they leave in the apartment. I want to assure you that our staff has been working for a long time, has considerable experience and experience. All employees are time-tested and worry about safety from this side is not worth it.

I note that the maids who do the cleaning in the apartments relate to work with all their heart and soul, and they are very offended by hints of possible earnings of a sexual nature. These hints refer to the category of sexual harassment and are prosecuted in Ukraine by law. If you really need womens affection and warmth, use periodical literature of advertisments, which you can find in the apartment and order a personal "masseuse".

If you are renting an apartment for a long time, paying for renting an apartment is not on a daily basis but monthly, you also get a free cleaning once a week. I note that such cleaning is mandatory, at least the maid should go to the apartment and check its condition.

As I said before, it is very difficult to monitor the quality of cleaning at the apartment. A huge request to you, if you are not satisfied with the quality of cleaning or beds and towels, please inform the manager or describe the complaint in the contact form on the contact page.