Did you rent an apartment using our service  and you did not like it?

Guest of daily rent apartments in Kiev

Did you rent an apartment using our service  and you did not like it?

Reviews about the daily rent of apartments in Kiev. Thank you for using the service of renting apartments in Kiev right here.

If you have any requests, offers, if you do not like something, do not be lazy and write about it through the contact form. We are attentive and understanding about complaints, we try to eliminate the cause of your dissatisfaction.

Unfortunately, apartments in Kiev are not rented in one house and it is difficult to keep the level of quality of the provided services, that is why the information you can give us is very important.

It will also be very nice to hear positive responses about renting apartments, so if you were satisfied write us about it, your feedback will be just as useful as negative.

Our staff tries to help you as much as possible when you live in apartments for daily rent, but there are different kinds of situations. If someone from the employees of our organization was careless in dealing with you inappropriately or vice versa was polite and pleasant - write, we will definitely pay attention to this.

Reviews of our guests about the daily rent

Thank you again for using our daily rent of apartments, we will try to provide you with the best service.