Influence of the period on the cost of renting an apartment in Kiev.

As with any other type of service, cost of service rental apartments in Kiev is strongly influenced by the demand for the rental period provided service.
Here you need to divide into two types depending on the cost of removing the apartments: the first on the duration of the lease, the second from the period of the year and third of the influence of holiday dates and holidays.
Regarding the first:
The cost of daily rent apartments in Kiev depends on the length of stay at the guest house. That is, at lease for 1 day price is higher than for stays of five nights or more.
This is due to the fact that with each change of the guest in the apartment is a complete cleaning of the apartment, cleaning plumbing, replacement of bedding and towels. And of course all of these activities are associated with a cost. Therefore, pay attention to the daily cost of an apartment for reservations. Typically, this value is automatically indicated in the box "rent" when booking an apartment, but you can see it next to the description of each apartment.
I want to note that the practice of pricing do not use all the representatives of the service apartment rent in Kiev, but more and more landlords are beginning to use it.
I want to also draw your attention to the fact that the lease "for now" are conditions of action, using which you can rent an apartment is not something that is not expensive, just cheap. More about this promotion on the page read discount when renting an apartment today.
Regarding the second situation:
Demand for the wave-term rent of apartments. There are periods of the year when many come to Kiev guests usually stay in hotels and apartments. Recently, the share of those wishing to stay in an apartment has become much more than those who prefer to stay in a hotel. To date the service was to provide rent level of service is much higher than that which was even just five years ago. And the cost of renting an apartment for rent can save by comparing hotel room with the same configuration. A crisis only contributed to it.
As a result, during periods of active exhibitions and other events in Kiev cost of renting apartments, but as hotels, becomes higher. The first is the period from March to late May and from September to late November. Because book an apartment for rent in Kiev at these times better advance when seasonal prices are not raised. At least this is our service allows you to do.
Reverse situation in periods of low demand - is February and July. During this period, the number of guests in Kiev, much less a high period, which of course can not help but reflect on the cost of renting apartments or hotel accommodation. This explains the situation when a guest living in our apartment in July, $ 50 a day, and when re-treatment was offered the same apartment for $ 70 per day in November. This is not hype and manipulation, it's just the influence of seasonal demand for daily rent apartments in Kiev and hotel service itself.
The third factor is the influence of the cost of apartments - this holiday dates, season massive weekend when many visitors come to Kiev for recreation and entertainment. In particular this applies to rent apartments in Kiev to celebrate the New Year, when many Russian visitors come to a friendly and inexpensive Kiev for a fun celebration of the New Year. The daily rental price may rise from 50% to 100%. And the longer holidays, which allocates state, the more visitors and the higher the price.
Sometimes the cost up only on New Year's night, sometimes for two nights, and sometimes for the whole Christmas period from 29 December to 10 January. For less favorable booking an apartment this time, I would recommend you make a reservation in advance apartment, in the beginning, in the middle of November. The truth is, most modern home owners do not want to rent an apartment for only one night, and even the two do not often agree. And it's not just greed. Practice delivery of apartments for rent in the New Year for one day shows much higher the apartment and property damage than the lease for 3-5 days. Apparently the company of young people renting a flat for 5 days know that they will then have 4 more days to live in the chaos that they have made New Year's Eve and are the property carefully. Or maybe just people who come to Kiev for 5 days is visitors to the city with a more serious look than those who rent an apartment for a night just for drinking and partying. The question is open, but in practice the result on the face. On day to rent an apartment in Kiev is very difficult and the cost of renting an apartment landlords it is often overstated by 3-4 times.
The second date celebratory mass arrival and rest - is the May holidays. This is also a period of holidays and festive holidays and come to Kiev many young companies, mainly in Moscow and nearby areas to it for cheap to celebrate in the warm climate of the Ukrainian capital, which overtakes a warm cold Russia by several degrees.
Someone with stops in Kiev just passing, going farther south to the sea, while others remain in Kiev for several days. For the period of May holidays apartments for rent as well as New Year's Eve becomes higher. Usually rental value of apartments for rent in the city center rises twice for the period 1 and May 9. If this weekend dock with these dates holiday guests in Kiev more, the price may be higher, not only on these days.
In this case, as well as in the New Year period, the apartment owners looking for tenants for 3-5 days, no less.
The remaining holiday dates are not of such a high impact on the flow of guests of Kiev and therefore not really affect the cost of apartments in Kiev.
Another is to draw attention to the period from the beginning of June to the second half of the month. This is a period of increased demand for daily rent apartments the guests from abroad. During this period, the world of holidays and vacations tourists from all over the world come to explore the "Ukrainian brides."
Already, even in the most remote corners of the world heard about the simplicity of Ukrainian girls, their beauty and simplicity. Because in search of their halves are going to Kiev, capital of Ukraine as a male bachelors who for dating his future wife, and who is to just relax and inexpensive entertainment. After selling the love of prostitutes in Kiev (which by law is not) is much cheaper than European rates, and do not necessarily look for a prostitute, many of the girls in search of handsome princes from abroad are willing to deal. Here are trusted by girls from all over Ukraine ladies' man of the world.
Overseas visitors in this period becomes longer, but the cost of renting an apartment in Kiev is virtually no effect. The fact is that, given the lack of local demand due to start selling campaign in Ukraine, these bookings simply shut lack of demand.

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