Sights of Kiev

Vladimir's CathedralSt. Vladimir's Cathedral

Cathedral of St. Prince Vladimir of Kiev city of those early years, only vaguely resembled our current capital. Up until the 60s of the XIX century Kiev was saved image of the ancient Russian city with earth ramparts, fortifications, desert areas. There was then no beautiful stone buildings, like palaces or convenient bridge more about Vladimir's Cathedral

Opera houseOpera house

The Second City Theatre opened in 1856 at the Military Street (now - Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street), at the intersection with the street of Vladimir the Great. The building was designed by architects I.V.Shtrom Academy. In the theater, were outstanding at the time the singers - Feodor Chaliapin Sobinov, Nezhdanova, Battistini, Ruffo, dramatic actors - Ira Olridzh, Sarah Bernhardt, and many others. Rachmaninov conducted the orchestra, raised his Mykola Lysenko's opera, was a frequent visitor, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. More information about the Opera House

Kiev's Golden GateKiev's Golden Gate

Golden Gate in Kiev - a monument to 12th-century fortification, one of the few that have survived to our time. Construction of the striking grandeur and inaccessibility: over the powerful military tower located Church of the Annunciation - it was very symbolic for a Christian city, as were the main entrance gate to Kiev. Golden Gate was built in 1164, after the defense had completed construction of shafts of the New Town. More information about Golden Gate.

St. Sophia CathedralSt. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev

Hagia Sophia is located in the center of Kiev. This is the main religious building of Kievan Rus' during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise (1019-1054 AD), it was under its walls gathered the Kiev Chamber. St. Sophia Cathedral became the first Ukrainian historical monument, made to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

St. Michael's CathedralSt. Michael's Cathedral in Kiev

First documentary mention of the St. Michael's Cathedral is found in the Chronicle, which says that the Prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavich, grandson of Yaroslav the Wise, July 11, 1108 Dmitrievsky laid next to the monastery and church of St. Peter's new stone church dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel. Demetrius Monastery was built by his father allegedly Svyatopolk Izyaslav (christened Dmitri). Until 1093 it was a small wooden church at the monastery. Creation of the monastery is attributed to the first Metropolitan of Kiev Michael. Date of foundation of the monastery - probably 988. Only after the Kiev throne Sviatopolk Izyaslavich II, instead of the wooden church was built of stone. More information about St. Michael's Cathedral in Kiev

Monument to Princess OlgaMonument to Princess Olga in Kiev

On the pedestal of pink granite, was located in the center of sculpture Princess: Right, on the dais, stood a statue of St. Andrew, pointing to the "holy mountain of Kiev," right on the hill - a sculpture sitting educators Slavs Cyril and Methodius.

St. Andrew's ChurchAndrew's descent, St. Andrew's Church in Kiev

Andrew's descent - the second most popular street in Kiev after Downtown. Andrew's descent begins on the streets of Vladimir and falls to the Kontraktova Yerevan occupies Podol in the Fountain of Samson. The upper section of the street still existed at the time of Kievan Rus', he connected the Old Kiev and hem, and ran between St. Andrew and the Castle Hill, but it could move only pedestrians and riders. Street received its name in honor of Andrew. In the annals of Nestor said that after lengthy attempts to spread Christianity in the Scythian land, about two thousand years ago St. Andrew blessed the slopes of the Dnieper, and predicted the appearance of a great Christian city. At the spot where once stood Andrew, and later built a church named after him. More information about St. Andrew's descent, St. Andrew's Church.

Richard CastleRichard Castle in Kiev 

Richard's Castle appeared on Andrew Descent in 1902 1904gg. And land with the house belonged to Kyiv contractor Dmitriy Orlov. It was on his request building technician A. Krauss brought him to the style of English Gothic. The building has no relation to the English medieval King Richard and is a great architectural value, but it has a mysterious Gothic facade.
At the beginning of the XX century Kyiv experienced a period of rapid urban development: wood, mostly one-story buildings were torn down, and in their place built high-rise on those standards, and spacious apartments, which the owner after the lease. That Eagles decided to invest in this highly profitable business, but fate decreed otherwise. Contractor Orlov, doing construction in the Far East, was shot in 1911, and the field of his sudden death the house was soon sold. And this is where the fun begins! More information about Richard's Castle

Bulgakov's MuseumBulgakov's Museum in Kiev

The house where Mikhail Bulgakov lived with his parents from 1906 to 1919 and to "settle" the heroes of the novel "The White Guard", Viktor Nekrasov called "House of Turbines," and this phrase has remained in the urban folklore. Today, this house museum continue their lives while two families: the family of the writer and the family of his literary heroes. More information about the Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov

Memorial Memorial "Babi Yar" in Kiev

At the intersection of Melnikov and Alena Teligi visit a place that keeps the fear and hatred of the Second World War. It was here in 1941 were shot by Nazi occupiers Jewish families. It was here on this jarom resounded cries of despair, muffled machine-gun bullets. There is a memorial to the Jews shot more details about the memorial, "Babi Yar"

The river port
Since ancient times, Hem was a shopping center of the city, the goods which were transported mainly by water. Since the XIX century, a movement of vessels on the river Dnieper, and rows of piers stretch along the right bank. Kyiv river port was built in July 1897. In the years 1953-1961 at the Postal Square was built a new station building designed by architects Gopkalo V., V. Okay, and others. The tower of the building resembles the mast of sailing ships. More information about the river port

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in PirogovoMuseum of Folk Architecture and Life in Pirogovo

tel. Museum Pirogovo +38044-5262416 - is classified as "open air museum", and is located on the outskirts of Kiev. The official name of the Museum National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine, but the people caught on a simpler and more imaginative name - "Museum Pirogovo" associated with the name of the village, which existed in the area since the seventeenth century. More information about the museum in Pirogovo

Devil's BridgeDevil's Bridge in Kiev

Park Drive, Bridge of Lovers, Devil's Bridge. In addition to its main titles Parkovy bridge, bridge lovers and Devil's Bridge - the bridge referred to as "Little Paton Bridge," "kissing bridge," "Suicide Bridge." Previously, the center of the Dnieper in Kiev output was not, to get there through the hem, or a circuitous route through the Pechersk. It was therefore minded Kiev Parkovy bridge to get to the slopes of the Dnieper to the Downtown. Very scary to walk on the bridge with a wooden "floor", and during a strong wind could be felt, as it shakes. Because the bridge is popularly nicknamed "Devil's Bridge." Central Botanical Garden Botanical Garden. N.N.Grishko in Kiev - a true island of natural beauty, peaceful tranquility and joy of life for residents of the hustle and bustle of Kiev. In the spring of Kiev Botanical Garden brings the joy of exuberant flowering in the summer - will hide in the shadows of its lime green and birch alleys, in the autumn surprise bright colors and a variety of shapes and colors of leaves in the winter will give this a Christmas story with the trees and squirrels. More information about the Devil's Bridge

Vladimir HillVladimir Hill in Kiev

Over the river we see Vladimir Hill to the park, broken here in the 30-40s of the XVIII century. In ancient times this area was known as St. Michael's Mount - posted by Michael on the top of the monastery. The present is the name stayed with him partly because of the Governor-General Dmitry Bibikov, which surrounded the idea to put on the hill above Khreschatik monument to Prince Vladimir. More on Vladimir Hill

Catholic Nicholas CathedralCatholic Nicholas Cathedral in Kiev

Nicholas Cathedral in Kiev is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of the city. In the late 19th century, Kiev was only one active church - Alexander, and when, in 1895 in the city with visit to the Procurator of the Holy Synod K. Pobedonostsev, the Roman Catholic community appealed to him to ask for the erection of another church. In Kiev, there were more than 40,000 worshipers, and the old Alexander's church could not accommodate more than 1,500 people. More about Nicholas Church

Mariinsky PalaceMariinsky Palace in Kiev

In one of the most picturesque corners of the capital of Ukraine, the Dnieper in the historic park, located Mariinsky Palace - the pearl of the architecture of Kiev. The palace was built in the XVIII century by the architect V.Rastrelli for the Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter I, who during his visit to Kiev in 1744, she chose the location for its construction. Construction of the palace headed by the outstanding architect I.Michurin, who came to Kiev with his assistants and pupils. He also helped the architects N.Vasilev, P.Neelov, F.Neelov, Salnikov, and others. More information about the Mariinsky Palace

The Catholic ChurchThe Catholic Church in Kiev

The solemn ceremony of the temple on the spot where once the lights illumination, was held in 1817, and his blessing - already in 1842. Funds for its construction provided the Polish landowners Kiev province at the rate of 25 cents of every serf. The majestic building of the church, designed by F. Mehovichem in the classical style, the plan was a square of the dome in the middle, two side towers and a four-columned portico that adorned the main facade. More information about the Catholic Church

Khreshchatyk streetKhreshchatyk streetin Kiev

Khreshchatyk - the main street of Kiev, located near the area where once the Prince Vladimir the Great baptized his family, apparently, hence the name, though according to another version, the street name is derived from Kreschatogo Yar (that is crossed by transverse gullies). Khreshchatyk not too long street - only 1.2 miles, but now the average width is 75 meters, and in some areas up to 100 m Roadway is 24 meters on both sides of the street next to the trees separated by 14-foot sidewalks, and on the left side Downtown stretches along Chestnut Avenue, especially beautiful in spring, during flowering chestnut trees. More information about the street Khreshchatyk

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra The Holy AssumptionKiev-Pechersk Lavra The Holy Assumptionin Kiev

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra The Holy Assumption is located on the right bank of the Dnieper, the Dnieper on the high hills. The first monks settled in the caves, it is hence the name Pechersk (Ukrainian pechera - a cave). Laura - it is an honor, which is awarded only to the large and important monasteries. Taking the beginning of the first caves dug in the 11th century, during the 9th centuries Kiev-Pechersk Lavra grew to majestic complex of churches and monasteries, producing not only believers, but also to leisure travelers a very strong impression. More information about the Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Arch of ReunificationArch of Reunificationin Kiev

The sculptural composition of Peoples' Friendship Arch is located in the center of Kiev. The sculpture appeared in 1982, its opening was timed to celebrate the 1500th anniversary of Kiev. The monument is set to Hreschatom Park, formerly known as Merchant's garden. At the time, Merchant garden was a favorite place for walks Kiev intellectuals. In the center adorned with a statue of curly bed of the ancient god Apollo's arts, holding a lyre in the hands of the traditional. Nearby was a bandstand where a variety of concerts were held. Subsequently, the bandstand replaced Arch of Friendship of Peoples. The authors of the project were made by the sculptor A. Skoblikov, architects, IN Ivanov, SN Mirgorod and KA Sidorov. More information about the reunion of the arch

A monument to Bogdan KhmelnitskyA monument to Bogdan Khmelnitskyin Kiev

A monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky is a symbol of Kiev. Installed it in honor of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky - an outstanding military leader, statesman, who led an uprising of the Ukrainian people against the domination of the Commonwealth. Also known Bohdan Khmelnytsky signed the agreement on the Pereiaslav Parliament, has made allies of Muscovy and the Ukraine. More information about the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky

Bessarabian marketBessarabian market in Kiev

is on the Bessarabian Square - Downtown is the beginning. The city boundaries of the area included in the 30-40s of the XIX century. Earlier, at the end of XVIII century there was a horse-post station. These travelers arriving from the south. In those days, around the horse-trading stations were active. It just came to sell fruit and wine farmers from Bessarabia. This explains the name of the area. More information about the Bessarabian Market

Kiev ZooKiev Zoo

- The largest zoo of the CIS and one of the oldest zoos in Ukraine. It covers an area of ??about forty acres. The zoo's collection of about 3.5 thousand representatives of the fauna from around the world. This research work is conducted on the acclimatization of animals living in distant countries, for conservation and breeding of rare animals such as bison, the Amur tiger, the Przewalski's horse, and other details about the zoo

Paton BridgePaton Bridge in Kiev

Oh it is hard work - building bridges. That is now under construction in Kiev at the same time two ferries - welcome to residents Troeschina Podolsko Resurrection bridge crossing, and road-rail Darnytskyi. It is worth remembering how many calls, problems and scandals have been around the construction of their projects, and dizzy. A basic, the most difficult "piece" of work - in front. However, everything should go smoothly, because the castle on the Dnieper in the construction of bridges, as they say, a dog ate it. More information about the Paton Bridge

House with ChimerasHouse with Chimeras in Kiev

This building is decorated with bizarre sculptures of fantastic beasts and chimeras if removed from the peaked roof of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris can be considered a most unusual Kiev alone. On the roof of the house were placed rows of good-natured toad in the company of Nereids, in the walls of a house walled heads of rhinos and antelope, and water pipes in the form of snakes and elephant trunks. Postoroenny house on the cliff surprised by the fact that from the front side it has only 3 floors, and on the back of six! More information about the house with chimeras

FunicularFunicular in Kiev

The word "funicular" derives from the Latin funiculus - a rope, and refers to MAST-vehicle traction on the cable, designed to move passengers over short distances at considerable angles of ascent. It has long been a steep rise from Podol created difficulties for the people of Kiev. Winding paths and even later the wooden stairs leading to St. Michael's Square, numbering exactly 500 steps and 36 landings, special facilities are not provided. Only existed at the end of the nineteenth century, the mechanical means of communication between the city and the Upper Podil was a tram, which took place on the slope of Vladimir. And Andrew's descent was even steeper, so that the building where the tram path, from an engineering point of view, we could not go at all (although such proposals were put forward by some MPs and city council). More information about the cable car in Kiev

House of Baron SteingelHouse of Baron Steingel in Kiev

House in Yaroslav Val is a person's name, which they had never lived. "When I read the word" Salve "in the parade of the last century, I am a friendly smile, raised his hat," - wrote the singing of Kiev Nikolai Ushakov. This is one of the most romantic and mysterious buildings in Kiev, located on the street, Yaroslaviv Val 1. The word "Salve" (Latin for "hello!") Is lined with a mosaic at the entrance to the front door, a calming effect and relieves the initial stress caused by winged monsters, perched above the entrance to the bay window. Newcomers to the Bald Mountain look so disgusting that you try to escape as quickly as possible eerie portal. I must say that with what little building in the capital due to many errors and absurd conjectures as befallen this house in Yaroslav Val. More information about the house of Baron

Museum of the Great Patriotic War (The Motherland)Museum of the Great Patriotic War (The Motherland)

It was planned that the monument will be covered with gold leaf, but this idea was abandoned. Metal frame made of stainless steel produced in Kiev. Welded steel plating specialists of the Institute of Electric Welding Institute behalf of the sheets 50x50 cm, thickness 1.5 mm. The total length of the seam is about 30 miles. The sculpture of this size was made for the first time in the USSR. It is made on behalf of the Kiev factory of the Paris Commune, taking into account the recommendations of the Institute of Electric Welding named after Paton Welding of elements of stainless steel sections, individual blocks weighing 25-30 tons sculpture collected by a specially built hundred-meter crane. Later this crane dismantled. To monitor the condition of all building structures set strict mode surveying more about World War II Museum

Circus KievCircus Kiev

The circus in Kiev on Victory Square - is a major circus in Ukraine, because it is the largest throughout the country. In the arena of the circus in Kiev were and are not only Ukrainian circus stars, but also world-famous circus arenas. To date, the state circus circus artists of different genres, his own ballet company, as well as a band. More information about the circus in Kiev

Monument PanikovskyMonument Panikovsky in Kiev

Downtown on the corner and Proreznaya
Perhaps the monument Panikovsky became one of the new symbols of Kiev - another place where photography is sure to have every guest in our city.

Stone, Stone, "Where is the land went to the Russian"

Prony Prokopovnu

More information about the Prony Prokopovnu