Rules of reservation and rental apartments "Rent Kiev"

Rules of reservanion and rent apartment

1. "Booking an apartment"  is an agreement between the customer and the executor, in consequence of which the contractor undertakes to provide the apartment (apartment) selected by the customer within the agreed period, for which the customer pays the cost of the flat to the contractor. Without making a payment, the process is called an "oral agreement" on renting an apartment by the day.

2. In order to confirm the booking of the apartment you need to pay the amount of the first day of renting an apartment (or more during the high period and holidays), the period of payment for the reservation is 24 hours from the moment of its registration, if payment later, discuss with the manager.

3. In case of  renting an apartment, the amount of the reservation is a part of the rental price and is deducted at the final payment for the whole period.

4. In case of cancellation 14 days before the first day of rent or earlier, the amount of the reservation is returned to the customer. This rule does not apply to booking an apartment for the New Year and May holidays, which you will be warned about when booking.

5. In case of refusal to rent or changing the dates of the period  by the customer within a time later than the dates specified in clause 4, the amount of the reservation is not refunded and is a payment for the services for the selection and booking of the apartment.

6. When completing the application, indicate which method of booking you are comfortable with, in the reply letter you will receive the details for making the payment.

7. Apartments are designed for a certain number of guests, so specify exactly how many guests book an apartment. Otherwise, it is possible to revise the rent or refuse to rent an apartment  without refunding the deposit. Apartments are rented for living. In case of other rental purposes, necessarily discuss it with the manager.

8. At the time of check into the apartment, you must pay the entire rental period. If you have booked an apartment for 5 days, and decided to stay for 2 (this change in rental dates) - the booking is considered invalid, the booking amount is not refundable, and the manager offers options that are free for the period you are interested in.

9. In case of cancellation of the daily rent of the apartment on the initiative of the customer, the amount of the prepayment is returned, minus the penalty amount. The usual penalty amount is equivalent to the cost of 1-2 days after the notice of cancellation of the lease, depending on the time of notification and the release of the apartment. At the same time, the rental price can be revised taking into account the length of stay.

10. We reserve any apartment for a period of 3 nights, which is offered on the site and is free for the period you need. In order to find out if the apartment is available, fill out the booking form or contact us. Booking an apartment for 1-2 days is possible in agreement with the manager.

11. For a period of less than 3 nights we accept the reservation for renting an apartment by the day only if the dates of arrival are agreed or if your reservation is canceled with other reservations to the same apartment. To find out the possibility of booking a particular apartment for a short period of time - contact the manager.

12.. The rent of an apartment is considered  from the time of arrival in the apartment after 13:00, the time of check out is till 12:00. The time of check out from the apartment does not depend on the time of arrival in the apartment.

13. When booking an apartment in a high period and on holidays,  prepayment means paying a larger amount, up to the whole term of renting an apartment.

14. The reservation is activated only after receiving the payment. In this case, you will receive a confirmation letter, the dates of arrival, departure, the address of the apartment and other  information. If you still have questions about booking or living in an apartment, please coordinate them before payment. Otherwise, it is considered that the you made payment after agreement  with the rules of booking and renting an apartment by the day and undertake to fulfill them.

15. The day of renting an apartment is considered from 13:00 to 12:00 the following day. If you want to visit the apartment before 13:00, be sure to notify the manager in advance.

16. Without the prepayment, the booking of the apartment is not activated, therefore carefully send the information about  the money transfer, do not use any unspecified payment systems, prepayment methods. If the money transfer is not received, the ARMOR is considered not active, and you are settled into a vacant apartment at the time of your arrival.

17. If the customer paid the reservation, it remains valid until 20:00 of the first paid day, unless the customer has notified the manager of late arrival in the application. Later the apartment can be rented by another guest by the decision of the administrator.

18. If you want to book a transfer from the airport or railway station you have to pay it in advance.