Information about the daily rent apartments in Kiev

If you want to rent an apartment in Kiev, please read the information that will help you avoid many misunderstandings in the daily rental.

The process to rent an apartment easy and accessible. To get started go to the page Kiev apartments for rent, and then an apartment or apartments that meet your criteria. It is easier and faster to use a form of selection of apartments for rent.

If the apartment you are satisfied, then visit the apartment fill in the booking form stating contact details, date of the lease, and your wishes to lease apartments for rent. For example, specify your flight details when you book a transfer or a number of people, if you are interested in sightseeing, be sure to tell about little children and animals with whom you plan to live in the apartment.
Before booking an apartment urged to read the Rules of booking and rental apartments for rent through our AGENCY rent apartments in Kiev.
After filling out the form, you will receive an answer which will be supported by the possibility of booking an apartment or explained the reason for the refusal of the hotel apartment.
To make a reservation you will need to pay the first day of rental apartments. Only in this case, we guarantee you'll keep an apartment for rent that you are booking.
Terms of payment and possible ways to pay for renting an apartment, you can see on the page of booking and payment of rental apartments. In the case of a preliminary agreement to lease an apartment with the manager, without making payment, the agency reserves the right tenant at the time of arrival to the office to offer other options for apartments.
If due to circumstances beyond the agency reasons, the customer refused the intent to rent an apartment and wants to postpone the lease, the amount of payment is not refundable and payment services for the selection and booking of the apartment.
In that case, if the apartment is booked you for rent does not fit you for some parameters, which you learned when moving in the apartment or an apartment you do not like, the agency can provide you with a choice of other options available apartments. In this case, you have made an advance payment will be part of the payment of rent another apartment, chosen by us.

After making the payment you will receive a message which will be the address of the apartment that you rent by the day, and the further procedure of introduction into the apartment.

All the apartments that we rent apartments, located in the central part of Kiev. These photos were taken real and correspond to the apartments that you can see on the site rent apartments.

If you often come to Kiev or forced to withdraw rent apartment in Kiev from time to time, we will offer you affiliate money. The possibility of obtaining discounts will be considered after three cases of the lease, which was registered to one person. One-time manager discounts are considered individually.

For rental apartments, you must have an identification document. Those considered to be a civil passport, passport, driver's license in the plastic. Loyal customers and partners can rent an apartment without documents.
In the case where the tenant is no document or the document is suspect, the manager may refuse to provide services to the tenant rent an apartment, without explaining the reason for the refusal.
The same manager has the right to refuse to rent apartments to persons very drunk, mentally unstable, aggressive, etc.

If you have questions about the apartment rent, read the FAQ page of the daily rent of apartments, if there is no answer to your question - please contact us via the contact form.

If you want to order a transfer from the airport or train station to the apartment that you rent apartments for rent, you can get acquainted with the process of providing transport services here.

To find the volume of services that you get when remove apartment in Kiev through our agency, please follow this link. Read carefully what services are included in the rental cost of rent and what does not.