Map of Kyiv Metro

Map of Kiev subway

Guests, renting apartments in Kiev often do not think about the distances in the center of Kiev. Even on a car, a trip from the center or to the city center can take up to 60 minutes, and if caught in traffic jams, the trip can stretch for several hours.

Therefore, I offer to use the metro. Stations almost evenly cover the area of ​​Kiev and you can easily get from the center, where you rent an apartment to any point of the capital, spent a minimum of time and money on it.

The only problem is that not all guests who rent apartments are familiar with the system of the Kiev Metro. This information is for them.

The Metropolitan in Kiev is mostly an underground type of transport, only the left-bank branch to the station Lesnaya passes through the surface.

Access to the metro is paid, payment by a card or tokens for a one-way trip. You pay for the entrance to the metro, the cost is standard for all metro stations in Kiev and the amount of payment does not depend on the distance to which you plan to travel by subway.

To buy travel cards for a certain period is more profitable than paying each trip separately, and, the more you buy a travel card, the cheaper it will cost to travel.

It is forbidden to carry large-sized luggage, explosive, and chemically dangerous luggage, dirty things. Passage of passengers in a state of intoxication is prohibited.

At each station of the Kiev Metro you can see a map of subway lines, actually as in every train.

At each station the driver informs about stops in Ukrainian and English. Information is duplicated on video screens.

At each metro station there is a police and a control service, in case of problems.

Metro in Kiev works from 5:40 and until 24:00

The center of Kiev crosses all three branches of the metro, forming an imaginary triangle on the map. At the intersection points of metro lines you can change to another branch of the metro without additional payments.