Cooperation with the owners of apartments for daily rent

Cooperation with the owners of apartments for daily rentDo you rent an apartment or long term? Well, we can come in handy.
We offer two types of cooperation:
If you want to rent an apartment for a long time without problems and with a regular payment.
This option is suitable for those who do not live in Kiev, who had invested money in the apartment and who did not have enough time to settle, to evict customers, clean, wash and change light bulbs.
In this situation, all we undertake. For this kind of cooperation we take only the apartments are located in the center of Kiev (10-minute walk from Downtown) and pay the landlord monthly fixed fee, regardless of the rental process. All questions regarding the care of the apartment and the customer service we undertake.

If you want to maximize profits and are ready to deal with their own rent an apartment.
This option is suitable for those who already rents an apartment, knows what has to face and how to deal with it) In this situation, we place your apartment for free on your site and offer it to our clients.
This requires high-quality photos and full description of the apartment on the model description of apartments for rent on our website, send a box When placing an apartment, we stipulate the conditions for cooperation and rules of daily rent apartments. If the apartment does not meet the price level, quality level and is located in the wrong place, we can not guarantee placement of the apartment. Production of high-quality photo you can also order from us.
For cooperation in the lease, sublease, apartment rent, you can call by phone +38067-7831140

Also, we have a paid placement apartments that rent shall be in other cities of Ukraine. The cost of accommodation UAH 200 per month (500 USD for 3 months, 6 months 800grn, 1500 for one year). Your apartment for rent will be posted to our website and will be offered for rent to the landlord direct dial telephone. You pay in advance for the entire period of placement on the site.
Be sure to provide high-quality photos of apartments with no logos and contact information.
Application for paid placement apartments for rent you have to send a box