Security deposit for daily rent.

Security deposit for daily rent.

According to our rules for renting an apartment in Kiev, the manager can take a deposit when entering the apartment.

The minimum deposit "for keys" in the amount equivalent to $ 20 is taken in the case when the rentertakes several sets of keys. This amount is refunded after the tenant returns all keys sets from the apartment. In the event of a key loss, this amount will compensate for the replacement of the lock in the apartment.

When arranging guests in the apartment manager can ask you to leave a deposit for the "state of the apartment." This is done if a large number of guests enter the apartment. When renting for a birthday, party, other events with a large number of tenants. This pledge extends not only to the property of the apartment. In the event that the tenant leaves the apartment in a "very dirty" condition, there is a rearrangement of furniture, damage to the apartment, furniture, supplies and equipment. The deposit is part of the payment for bringing the apartment in a normal state for renting an apartment. The size of the deposit depends on the size and condition of the apartment and can range from $ 50 to $ 300

Information about the deposit is entered in the booking form. The deposit is returned in the same form as it was left in the absence of claims. In the presence of claims, the works and materials required for the restoration of the apartment, its condition, furniture, appliances, accessories are evaluated. If the amount of collateral is insufficient, the lessor has the right to demand from the lessee to pay additionally for the damage caused by renting an apartment.

We are interested in renting apartments and we will never find fault with clients, extorting any payments that are not connected with the damage. The deposit  is often an incentive for normal behavior when renting an apartment in Kiev and careful attitude to the property of the lessor.