Why are the prices for apartments for rent in dollars?

Price of apartment in Kiev

Why are the prices for apartments in dollars, and the currency of Ukraine hryvnia?

Currency when paying for a daily rent of apartments in Kiev. This question is sometimes asked by our guests, who rent apartments with our help.  And it is rather logical question.

After all, payments in other foreign currencies are forbidden in Ukraine, how then can you pay for renting an apartment?

We used to have prices for renting apartments in dollars, but now we have changed the site system and all prices are in UAH.

There is a problem of currency in Ukraine it hinders very much to conduct business of daily rent of apartments and not only. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian hryvnia is not stable and because of this the cost of renting an apartment is not stable. And it is unacceptable for a guest to book an apartment for 400 hryvnia a day, and when arrive to pay for renting an apartment 450.

That is why the site http://rentapartment.kiev.ua uses the binding of the cost of renting an apartment to the dollar. In addition, guests from other countries can very easy and quickly navigate the cost of renting an apartment and binding to some international currency was necessary.

After some analysis, we decided to tie the cost of renting apartments daily to the dollar, since: still in the open spaces of the CIS, this is a familiar currency, to which in most countries the bank accounts are still tied, Europeans are educated people and the cost of the dollar from the euro can be recalculated .

But the person coming to the CIS from a distance of the euro currency is not so clear and familiar.

That is why, we made universalization of the currency. However, I still want to note that the cost of renting an apartment is indicated in dollars, but we can not conduct a calculation in dollars.

Therefore, to pay for renting an apartment you need to either have a hryvnia or simply exchange your currency next to our office. There is also the option of calculating a credit card, when all calculations will be done by the bank.