Process of leaving an apartment

Process of leaving apartments

The rental term ends at 12:00. At 12:00 our employee will come to you to pick up the key and to check the apartment.

Coordinate your  departure time in advance.
You can order a transfer service from the apartment to the airport or railway station. The transfer must be ordered in advance. You can also ask the manager to call a taxi for you, it will cost you a little cheaper.

If you plan to leave earlier - inform the manager about it, then our employee will approach earlier at time which is convenient for you.

If you want to leave later than 12:00, be sure to arrange this in advance with the manager. Sometimes there is no such possibility, in this case the manager will offer you another apartment in the center of Kiev.

If an employee comes to your apartment  and you are not there, options are possible. In any case, you will be phoned to find out the problem. In thуcase that you left a deposit for an apartment - you will be offered to stay in the apartment for an additional fee.  In the case when there is no communication with you or you did not leave a deposit - our employee will carefully put your things together and transport them to the office, and you can pick them up later. If you are not satisfied with this  do not be late by the time you leave and leave a real and correct contact phone number.

The cost of renting an apartment includes minor damage, that can happens during your staying in the apartment. But the damage that was caused by improper or inaccurate attitude you will need to pay for.

Smoking is not allowed in the apartments. If you do not follow this rule you will be asked to pay a penalty.

In case of loss of the key you need to pay the cost of making a copy of the electronic key from the door to the front door and replacing the lock core in the apartment door.