How to pay to rent an apartment?

Payment of rental apartments

The payment for renting an apartment  usually consists of two payments, the first - advance, this is the reservation  of an apartment. The second is the payment for renting an apartment.

To choose the method of payment for booking an apartment you need to fill out a booking form on the apartment page, indicating a convenient way for you to prepay an apartment. In the reply letter you will receive the requisites for making the payment.

Do not make an advance payment for renting an apartment before receiving a letter from the manager confirming your booking and payment details. Do not use ways of paying rent or booking an apartment that are not offered by the manager.

For guaranteed reservation of an apartment in Kiev, you need to make payment for the first night (when booking for holidays and high periods you may be asked to pay a large sum) in such ways:

1. Payment by credit card through the site (temporarily not working)

2. Payment by bank transfer (only Ukraine)

3. Payment by credit card of Privat Bank

4. Payment by bank transfer ("Western Union", "Golden Crown", "Privat Mani")

5. Payment in the office by cash or credit card

We do not work with electronic money systems "Yandex Money" "Webmoney", etc.

To pay the remaining amount of renting an apartment, you will be offered the following types of payments:

1. Payment by credit card through the terminal in the office

2. Cash payment

3. Rent payment by bank transfer. Due to the delay in getting money to the account, rent payment by cashless payment is possible only in advance. The exception is provided to companies with whom we work regularly.